Hollywood you ruined it!!

Whenever you read a story or a novel, you enter into a world of fantasy through the portal of the writer’s imagination and creativity. You get introduced to some characters you feel suddenly connected to, some which as a whole might leave a mark on your personality forever. Becoming a mentor of your inexperienced emotions. It’s always thrilling to read a book. One of the greatest parts I enjoy, is building the image of a character, a person you have never seen. But still it depends upon the writer whether s/he has provided enough of the details for our naive minds to process an image out of it. Anyways it’s an experience of its own!

I love books! Books are like my only friend that never lets me down, even though it changes it appearance after each read… Still it feels good to have that connection developed. Your mind revolving around the lives of something that is nothing but part of someone’s fragment of thought.

Living in the age where every other novel is now being turned into a motion picture, feels both exciting as well as disgrace. I feel offended whenever I read something and than do not find it as par the story itself. Hollywood have ruined a large no. books by making quite low standard movies out of it.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, the first book of the series. I didn’t read it, but listened to it, as an audiobook. I liked it. Not bad, not too good, overall an average story with a few twists and a canvas to plot a lot for later books. Quite recently I saw it’s movie. It was devastatingly pathetic! Actors looked hideous, sets were cheap, acting was mediocre. I hated it! Only the character of Clarissa, Jocelyn Fray and Simon (and may be Hodge) somewhat were looking just fine. The rest of the cast seemed disastrous. Story was too fast paced, as if they were in a hurry to wrap up the movie 😐

I was disappointed! It always feels bad to see a story being ruined by the stupid Hollywood rewriters. Hollywood is too bad at adaptive screenplays, specifically fiction! They did the same with the Harry Potter series, which felt too childish as a movie, otherwise is quite reasonably mature novel and story. I mean what amount of brilliance does it require to make a perfect movie out of an already well written story? I guess a lot! and what amount is required to ruin it? I tell you, ‘The Hollywood’ amount of! Period!!

Life of Pi was an exception, I guess I should credit it to the direction of Ang Lee or the amazing graphic and animation team. Whoever it goes to, it was a great example of a book turning into a ‘Living Book’. I loved it!!
So how do you guys feel about it? Do you enjoy these kind of uncalibrated living form of books??? Do share your thoughts…


Internal Management


It’s kind of both weird and exciting to start my own blog. Weird as blogs have existed since I’ve started using internet itself, around 14 years back. Exciting as its going to be something unusual of me to share something on the internet that is close to me and my personal self. I have been always afraid of sharing something with the world. I write diary, poetry and short stories. Not for anyone but myself. Always scared of sharing and not receiving the kind of response I always wished. Writing something is easy. Writing something worthy of being written is a question every creative artist should ask him/herself before picking up a pen or typing in front of a dimly lit screen on a cloudy weather night, by an artist stroking a brush on a canvas, or by a photographer taking snap. The answer is always hidden in the approach that moves our desires, our emotions to such extent that we start procreating it in one form or the other.

I guess it’s a human nature, not to share something personal, not until the perfect time has come. The perfect gracious time that all of us, the creative beings, wait to arrive. In which we could just express the world what’s inside us, believing that it’ll be appreciated and loved. But sometimes it’s not the acknowledgment we are searching for but a catharsis, like stepping out of a deep well, scribbling a paper on a notepad so rigorously that it starts to tear apart, or wrecking a wall until your hands bleed out! It’s kind of a burden until and unless it is been poured on to a canvas, a paper, a symphony or even a photograph. It’s an emotion that cannot be explained in words. It’s something surreal, ethereal in nature.

To begin with, I have never been anyone that can be termed as creative. It might be just a sheer coincidence that I start seeing patterns whenever I close my eyes, and words came down upon me whenever I sat to write something each night on the bed. I still remember those days. Moving to Jeddah from Dammam was not just a matter of change in place, but a whole different perspective, for me at least. Jeddah has its own charms. It made me a different person. A transition, a metamorphosis in development. A cocoon turning into a moth. It gave me wings. The first poem, the first ideas shaping onto paper as something making sense, rather than words of lunacy. Writing in the light of an IKEA lamp resting on a desk drawer beside my bed. I always let my windows open, as well as the door that leads to the gallery. The air gave me some signs and symbols. A boost may be. I have never felt this tinkling, this whispering any time before this. It was something magical. Each day a new exploration. Sometimes I just kept my diary open for like hours, nothing to write. Waiting for some divine revelations… it’s a part of the deal. You have to wait. The later the better. That’s what I learned.

Anyways, coming back to the present day. I’m starting to write again, or more precisely ‘to type’. A new medium, and yet newer approach. Why am I so interested in writing a blog? Again the inner self. It never misguides me. It’s like voice of GOD. The part of yourself that has conscience, again works on the same principle. It never lies. I have no target to achieve. I’m starting a new phase of my life, or it’s better to say starting to explore it. GOD has never failed me, and INSHA’ALLAH (GOD willing), He won’t ever. That said, I’m confident enough now to speak. To counter any critique that’ll ever be thrown upon me, regarding my work, my words, or even my personal self. The story of our lives continues to expand, with each day that passes by, there’s always something or someone to learn from. Never underestimates even the tiniest bits of inspirations. Those small details helps us to understand the perplexity of life in a better way, which eventually makes us a better human, indeed…

(2:30am Jan 14, 2014)