Designer Diary: Lost Identities (Post #01)

Creativity. A word that has quite literally lost its charm in this digital age of arts. The once exclusive identity given to people known to the community as artists has now found numerous disguise. People are now designers, illustrators, painters, doodlers etc. All have almost different approach, exploring different fronts. But the true question is, is the artwork they are generating genuine and original?

Working for your own and working for some organization are two completely different ways to portray your aesthetics and creativity. I work not from my mind but heart. Self-devotion towards a project makes it unique, standing out from the rest and foremost it would be something you would love to do, that would please you not just today but in the later years when you pick up your sketchbook and look through the hard work, strain and time that you have put in it. Originality and genuineness should be the main course for any art related student or professional.

I have never worked for anyone else. Not until I joined an industry recently. It’s too glamorous, not the kind involving beautiful models in extreme spot lights, but glam in the sense that you get to work for the top notch international brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Vera Wang and even Ikea, PotteryBarn etc.As a designer, it’s too tempting to even being remotely related to the names. Working for a big brand is like a dream job for any designer. I get goose bumps whenever I think of it like that. But on a very humble ground, working at a studio at a textile mill in Karachi is not at all fun. You lose a lot of stuff that you love. That you find peace in doing. You end up going to bed early and skip doing the side-projects that you believe as you’re true identity. As a whole life becomes really tough.

We are called creatives, but while working for someone else, a part of you gets lost within the requirements of the customer that you work for. I might be wrong here as creativity, as a designer, is not what you desire, but what the customers love to buy. We may infuse our personal style within the given framework, but it’s not that easy to satisfy both ways.

One of the factors controlling the creativity bar is the timeframe. The “ifs & buts” are the last thing senior management wants to hear from you. Time and Creativity are inversely related. At least that’s what I have gathered in the past few years. Any outstanding work of arts needs complete indulgence in that subject. Yes the “eleventh hour” work is sometimes better than any of the stuff that you have been working on, on that particular subject, but that happens rarely. Especially it doesn’t happen in the professional world. You have to manage the time or else you would end up embarrassing yourself.

In the end I miss how I used to work. Because at the place, creativity is not what your inspirations are and what your approach towards designing is, but the amount of customer-centric designs you can deliver within the given time, no matter how gross and how Shutterstocked they might be. Sorry to say but creativity has lost its meaning for them. I’m still trying to grab a cane and save myself from the abyss of these lost identities….Image


5 thoughts on “Designer Diary: Lost Identities (Post #01)

  1. It is somehow like a Dejavu…for me.
    I experienced the same almost four years ago, at the age of 19, but it was a very different experience for me. It was my race against time and many other things. I was, and am the only one taking care of my siblings and my mother so you can imagine that the said pressure can crush you, but it did not happen to me, but I am not going to say that there are no scars on my soul.
    Sometimes you feel like you can accomplish some task and then in the end you find out that you cannot. Sometimes you think you can never get what you want but when the fate wants you to become the holder of the dreamed prize you find that you were too powerful for that…and it was very natural…that you can even hold mountains at your shoulder without trembling! But at the same time you remember that you were once like a small plant. just at the mercy of “Others” to grow. You start remembering that if your caretaker would have not been so harsh at you, if he would not behaved as the maniac he is, the reality would not have been so different than your expectations. If you were told that you can reach the sky, you would have tried. If you were told that you that you can bend the steel with your bare hands, Man you would have done it in a moment!
    Anyway, the world is too big for both of us and there are matters beyond our comprehension. The death toll in Gaza is now around 2047. 10000 – 12000 are the numbers of people injured.
    We can say that, to flourish creativity, a certain unconstrained environment is needed. But what will you do when your creativity (or any other skill for that matter) is needed immediately. You are running against the time. The world outside may be as normal as it gets, but you know the reality. You know that for you, there are difficulties. For you, there are problems. For you there are hurdles. For you there is fear. For you, the very fabric of reality is fabricated itself! For you, the Chaos roams everywhere.
    In this situation, one can start asking several questions: What is my lost identity? Where is my lost identity? What have I done to deserve this? What can I do? Has God abandoned me? or is he just a figment of my imagination?
    But the only real question remains: What will you do now?


    • Ohkayy… Those are some deep emotions Furqan… I definitely understand what you have gone through and it’s nothing compared to the idiotic self suffering I’m having these days. I respect you for that. Believe me, I do 🙂
      And I agree with you completely, sometimes the burden that is put upon our shoulders makes us stronger and a better, responsible person. We humans, grow not by freedom but the opposite of it. Make us suffer and you’ll end up looking at a diamond from coal. This is how life is.
      About the situation around us and our pity issues… Yes you are right again! We are chasing a mortal world, full of chaos and lies. But GOD is there, I have a staunch believe in HIM. The things that are happening have all been prophesized… So let ourselves accept the truth. But it does not mean to loose yourself ! But get a grip over it more than before. Hard times passes by… Storms comes and leaves (destruction but) everything in an unusual calmness. You feel like everything is lost. But try to see the mirror from another angle. Nature is providing you another chance to recreate your life from scratch. A blank canvas is always the best one to start a painting on… Hope you find immense peace and happiness along life… Amen 🙂


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