It is funny in a bit sarcastic way to say this, but as Newton have said “every action has an equal and opposite amount of reaction”. Applying his theory into our daily lives, we come across hundreds of stuff going on around us that proves his point. Not taking it in a literal form but in a complete abstract way.

The people who love you the most, are the same people who ends up hurting you badly in one way or the other. Problem may lies upon developing a sense of for granted-ness towards them and more of a habitual way to behave with them in an unjust manner as you know and you believe you might not get an utterly unforgivable and harsh reaction, and they will always stick to you no matter what, and who would caress and pamper you while you still play your old dirty games and stay behaving the same way as before. This attitude can be neglected to some extent if it remains in a bearable zone. But this constant misunderstanding can leads to a few days of silence and then perpetual nothingness…

So when can we decide that it’s time to move on, and time to leave the rest on fate. The fact is we never can. We simply do not have that courage. The whole concept of leaving someone beloved, shatters you from the inside. It is so unbearable that you cry out loud, praying that some miraculous event might turn out the scenario completely upside down. That s/he might return. Part of you can never even imagine the pain that you would go through if it does not happen. I say the only thing that is making you still do it, is your very precious ‘ego’. A small three letter word that holds up a tons of power of explosions. That can crush and ruin your life to the very extent that you might not be able to foresee until the harm is done. I have heard it a lot of times that it was good that it stopped and that we moved on. But what if we stayed, there always remains a guilt… what if we waited for that extraordinary to happen. What if the moment we left, was the very moment that things might have changed dramatically.

The only force that is driving you mad and making you to think and do some really mean things to your once beloved, is that reaction of that pure, genuine and utmost love that you once gave them. It hurts to think what you were like and how things have changed now. But that force is making you go away in a similar but opposite manner that made you so close to them.

I believe that it’s useless to try and find a reason for the created distance. It might be one or many, but the driving factor is always the same amount of force that pushed you to do it. Certainly, it is a miserable condition for anyone. I myself have gone through the phase, for several times in my life now. But looking back at the past, the connection, the sentiments we shared, the time spend together, the waits, the talks… all adds up to create a void. A hollow that cannot be filled with any other soul. We wander around finding the perfect block that can be placed and completes a Lego of our normal cycle of life, but as a matter of fact we can never replace that unfilled space. It remains there. Setting its roots silently into our sub-consciousness, which might or might not become active in the later life. Anyone coming afterwards, just creates and illusion of filling that emptiness. We conceal our scars in never revealing them to anyone but ourselves…
how do you feel about it? do share your thoughts…


4 thoughts on “Comfort/Discomfort

  1. that is the bitter reality of life but we have to move on with all those bitter feelings in heart.Things change with time and time has the power of healing those wounds


    • I believe it never heals… we try to deceive ourselves.. by letting us think that things might now be back to where there were… but life is not a sketch, we can never completely hide those deep strokes of pencil marks… it becomes part of soul…


  2. The Void remains. It remains there to stop us from forgetting what we are. It remains there to remind us where do we stand. It does not go away so that we can truly understand where are we heading. It tells us of what we had left behind. We can not make it go away now, nor it will be absent from our future. The only thing that can be changed is our realization. Our understanding of the matter can take us to the places we never imagined existed before. We cannot move forward, and if we try to delete this entry from our memories, we will only learn that such action will have consequences. We can only balance the grief from being grateful! But how can we be grateful when such atrocities surround us everyday of our lives? How there can be order amongst such chaos? We can only understand the answers much needed by understanding and acknowledging the true meaning that the “Void” tries to teach us!


    • Agree with your statement Furqan… every experience tries to teach us something. But sometimes we never wished for that experience. It’s just destiny playing games with us, the actions of a creation versus the plan of the Creator…


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